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Habits that Help You Exceed Quota, Make Club & Get Promoted Faster

Numly TM + SmartHabit Bring You an Incredible Opportunity to Learn
Habits of Performance That Can Transform Your Selling Capabilities

This LIVE event will dive deep into the 3 C’s of Selling ‘CARE, CONNECT, COACH’

This event will be a key differentiator for you & your Sales team as you get to experience how to adopt important skills that are critical to improve performance and stay ahead of the game in today’s changing times of WFH.

Delivered by Coaching Expert, this event will coach sales executives, sales managers and sales reps on the habits and skills that will consistently deliver results in the form of improved sales and business performance.

  • icon Exceed Quota
  • icon Make Club
  • icon Get Promoted

Speaker – Mike Saporito, Co-Founder & Senior Partner of SmartHabit
Mike is a strategy consultant, leadership development professional, and executive coach.

Price – USD $49/person (Non-Refundable)
[You’ll get a recording of the workshop, if you miss the event]

Date – 24th September, 2020
Time – 11 AM PST/2 PM EST

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