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NumlyEngage Professional Edition

How it Works The Individual Self Development Experience Navigating your Professional and Personal Growth Journey, enabled by AI

Core Value Assets for Your Professional Growth

  • Self Introspection and understanding of your 16 Personality Factors
  • 225+ hard skills and 185+ soft skills for your professional growth and career advancement

NumlyEngage offers a comprehensive database of 185+ soft skills in 5 categories, and our built-in processes and packaged programs make it easy for you to identify personal strengths and opportunities for growth, and seamlessly connect with coaches, both inside and outside your organization. Enabled by AI, NumlyEngage is a secure platform built to protect your privacy. Leverage NumlyEngage to develop the critical soft skills you need to grow professionally, advance your career, and become a next-generation leader.

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How it Works The Self Development Program Experience

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People: Self Development Programs

Targeted at self-driven Individuals who want to curate Learning Journeys to address their skill gaps, putting you in the driver seat.

  • Coaches from both inside and outside your organization
  • Many-to-many Coach-Jedi pairings based on skills



Choose from a comprehensive soft skills database

  • 225+ hard skills and 185+ soft skills
  • 16 Personality Factor self evaluation


Learning Interactions
(Knowledge Management)

  • Personalized 1:1 coaching
  • On-demand video tutorials
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Multi-channel feedback
  • Self evaluations
  • Coaching network expansion
  • Information sharing with recruiters and hiring managers
  • And much more


Engagement Programs

  • Easy set up – pre-built, customizable templates for self development
  • Easy execution – Stage managed engagement tasks


Call to Actions

  • AI-powered, personalized, and contextual nurture actions, such as notifications, reminders, alerts, and kudos
  • Data analytics and engagement scores driven by Machine Learning