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Numly™, Inc. Announces HR Innovators' Workshop and plans to launch new Product Releases at FromDayOne Conference in Seattle on February 21, 2023

Numly™, Inc. Announces HR Innovators’ Workshop at FromDayOne Conference in Seattle on February 21, 2023

By Numly

Numly™, Inc. announces HR Innovators’ Workshop and plans to launch new Product Releases at FromDayOne Conference in Seattle on February 21, 2023

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, USA, January 26, 2023 / — As digital disruption sweeps globally across all industries, and the workforce demographics change, organizations are rewiring their culture to become more connected, people-centric, and collaborative. In this environment of constant workplace change, how can employers create a vibrant community of Connected Leaders that build enduring bonds of trust amongst teams, creating equity in a hybrid workplace, balancing productivity with well-being, offering better career paths and continuous Learning and Coaching, developing diversity in leadership, and supporting working parents?

Numly™, Inc. today announced their upcoming HR Innovators’ Workshop “Building a Community of Connected Leaders within your Organization“, and plans to launch new Product Releases at FromDayOne’s Conference in Seattle on February 21, 2023. This workshop introduces HR Leaders and Executives to Numly’s “Connected Leadership Platform” with strategically designed Coaching Pathways and Programs, to help accelerate racial equity across any organization and equip future leaders with the skills, peer networks, continuous learning and career growth sponsorship they need to achieve their aspirations and grow within their organization.

Numly’s “Connected Leadership” Skills Framework is structured in “FIVE Critical Dimensions” around any organization or team’s “Flow of Work” – Self, Projects, Teams, Others and Organizations; enabled by a people-centric fabric of Inclusion, Close Communication, Creative Problem Solving, and Collaboration. Numly’s Coaching and Networking Platform, NumlyEngage™, comes with specially designed Coaching Pathways and Programs for companies of all sizes.

Here are a few programs designed to compliment Learning Management Systems and help companies with Employee Retention, Leadership Development and phenomenally better Talent Management.

  • “Leadership Essentials” Program
  • “Performance Amplified” – Sales Coaching Program
  • “Management Accelerated” Program
  • “Executive Leadership” Program
  • “Mental Health and Wellness” Program
  • Working from Home / Hybrid Work Program
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Program
  • New Hire Coaching Program
  • New Manager Coaching Program

“Connected Leadership is the new Management Science for all organizations. Connected Leaders use empathy, compassion, and trust to influence networked teams and people, in their flow of work. Psychological Safety and Organizational Resilience are strengthened when Connected Leaders pivot to continuous Coaching and Learning. Structured Learning and Coaching helps companies scale teams to deliver phenomenally higher levels of performance.” – says Madhukar Govindaraju, CEO – Numly™, Inc.

Numly™, Inc. also announced today new pricing and an updated Skills Ontology Foundation, with full support for MIT’s J-WEL Human Skills Matrix and Birkman’s Leadership Competency Development frameworks. Numly also launched a refreshed and updated eLearning Content from sources such as LinkedIn Learning, TedX Videos, Open-source Platforms like Coursera and Edx, with the aim to help customers scale Coaching across their organization. Built with a comprehensive database of 400+ Behaviors & Critical Skills, this new ontology helps companies and HR Learning Directors with structure to implement and scale Leadership Development within their organizations.

Numly™, Inc. invites HR Leaders and Innovators to attend FromDayOne’s Seattle Conference in person on February 21, 2023 and join us on main stage during Numly’s HR Innovators’ Workshop to learn more about “Building a Community of Connected Leaders within your Organization.”

About Numly™, Inc.

Numly™, Inc. is the provider of NumlyEngage™, an Analytics-enabled, Coaching and Networking platform for critical skills, that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for companies. It has built-in Coaching programs, carefully curated Learning Content, Pulse Surveys and Real-time Engagement Analytics, as well as integrations with third-party Learning Management Systems, offering a Learning and Coaching Experience for its customers.

Numly’s mission is to improve employee engagement and performance through Manager-led and Expert Coaching, Critical Skills Development, and People Connections via privacy first enterprise coaching network. We help organizations to Upskill and Reskill their Work-from-Home/Hybrid Teams with Comprehensive eLearning Content and Structured Coaching. Learn more about Numly™, Inc. at

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