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Numly™, Inc. Launches New Learning and Coaching Programs to help Managers and Leaders Become More Resilient Amidst Layoffs, Economic Hardships, and Recession

Numly™, Inc. Launches New L&D Programs to Help Managers and Leaders Become More Resilient Amidst Layoffs and Recession

By Numly

Numly™, Inc. Launches New Learning and Coaching Programs to help Managers and Leaders Become More Resilient Amidst Layoffs, Economic Hardships, and Recession

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, USA, June 1, 2023/ — With companies still cutting costs and reducing headcount with layoffs, dealing with workplace stress and economic uncertainty is top of mind for professionals across the country. Whether impacted by a layoff or there are rumors of more layoffs at work, it is important to focus on career progression and develop the critical skills needed for jobs in the future. How does one adapt, learn and thrive in these situations ? These questions dominate the minds of most organizational leaders and their teams these days. Driving a growth agenda, while anticipating potential recessionary conditions, is demanding leadership attention at all levels, within the organization.

Numly™, Inc. launches two new online Coaching and Learning programs for Managers and Career-growth focused Professionals, who are either impacted in a layoff or facing workplace uncertainty due to budget cuts in various functional divisions.

1. Elevate Your Leadership Skills with Numly’s ImpactCoach Certification Program 2023

This 90-day Certification program, led by Numly’s ICF Certified Coaches, does more than just boost Managerial capabilities and skills. As a Certified ImpactCoach, this program enables Managers develop critical leadership skills in a real-world setting. This certification program also provides workplace recognition via a LinkedIn badge, and signifies proven commitment to leadership and professional growth.

  • When: Cohort 1 starts from July 12, 2023 to October 18, 2023
  • Where: Virtual Online Sessions
  • Cost: $2000 for virtual sessions with full access to the NumlyEngage™ Platform to practice Continuous Learning,

Live Coaching & Career Development with your team, for 12 months.

2. Elevate Your Professional Growth with Numly’s Exclusive Laser Coaching Subscription Program

Led by Numly’s ICF Certified Coaches, the 12-month Laser Coaching Subscription Program, provides personalized support tailored to participant’s unique needs and circumstances. This program goes beyond conventional coaching, offering a dynamic environment for continual learning and professional growth. This program enables everyone with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to tackle various professional situations effectively.

  • When: Annual Program starts on July 12, 2023
  • Where: Virtual Online Sessions
  • Cost: $1500 for 6 sessions, or $2000 for 12 sessions (Within 12-months of Subscription Registration)

Both programs include complete access to the NumlyEngage™ platform with 200+ Connected Leadership Skills and 450+ Behavioral Learning Areas/Topics to choose from, with embedded eLearning Content curated and structured for continuous learning.

“Recession, Layoffs, and Workforce Re-alignment seems to be the talk everywhere. Post-layoffs, CEOs and their Senior Leadership teams are more than ever focused on helping manage employee morale and retain the remaining talent, while driving business growth, at the same time. As companies look to optimize their L&D Spend / Budgets, they are all looking for ways to make the dollars go further. Executive Coaching and other similar programs have not delivered the right ROI; nor can they be scaled across entire teams and organizations.” – says Madhukar Govindaraju, CEO – Numly™, Inc.

“Connected Leadership is the new Management Science for organizations of all sizes. Connected Leaders use compassion, empathy, and trust to influence networked teams and people, in their flow of work. A Coaching mindset helps teams scale to deliver phenomenally higher levels of performance, consistently. Coaching Managers to develop the skills to lead Internal Coaching, helps companies strengthen Organizational Resilience at a much lower cost structure.” – says Tamica Sears, Director, Coaching Enablement – Numly™, Inc.

Numly™, Inc. is the provider of NumlyEngage™, an Analytics-enabled, Coaching Management and Learning platform for critical skills, that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for companies. It has built-in Coaching programs, carefully curated Learning Content, Pulse Surveys and Real-time Engagement Analytics, as well as integrations with third-party Learning Management Systems, offering an innovative and effective Learning and Coaching Experience for its customers. Numly helps companies target the right Learning and Development investments, continuously backed by Data and Analytics. NumlyEngage enables companies to create better leaders and better teams by scaling Internal Coaching and Manager-led career pathing, and by building a strong bench of Connected Leaders at all levels.

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