Numly Joins NVIDIA Inception Program


Many companies are now at a critical juncture when it comes to talent development and skill building, and it is clear that dramatic changes are needed to thrive and/or even survive in the future. To emerge stronger from this pandemic, now is the time for organizations to invest in skill transformations and apply the lessons of the past year to crystallize their current and future skill needs. Organizations must take a holistic approach to skill transformations and focus on key initiatives and practices that we know support success; there are no shortcuts to take. And when they do so, they should not fall into the trap of focusing only on “hard” technological skills or digital only channels for learning. The pandemic, and Numly’s research, has shown how critical skills and resilience really require different ways of learning to be cultivated.

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Webcast on “Creating the HR Trifecta with Peer Coaching - Employee Experience | Employee Engagement | Employee Effectiveness”

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In this webcast video, Madhukar Govindaraju, Numly Founder & CEO, discusses how companies can invent the Perfect Trifecta with Peer Coaching and AI – Employee Experience | Employee Engagement | Employee Effectiveness.


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Madhukar Govindaraju
Founder & CEO