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Numly’s Manager-Led Learning and Coaching Solutions

1:1 Manager-Led Coaching

Provide personalized guidance and support to help individual contributors, entry or mid-level managers, and also executives reach their full potential, achieve their goals and deliver a strong business impact.


Internal Group Coaching

Facilitate a collaborative and supportive peer-learning environment to help your teams work together and leverage collective learning by encouraging open communication, fostering a culture of trust, and encouraging constructive feedback with a well-defined coaching framework.


Structured Mentoring Communities

Assign specific roles and responsibilities to your leaders based on their skills and strengths. Provide opportunities for training, workshops, or mentoring with structure. This can help them develop new skills and share their knowledge with others.


Engaged Communities - Huddles, Round Tables

Enhance your teams’ coaching network strength with engaged community interactions through Huddles, Round Tables and more. Help your leaders to sustain and apply their learnings through these definitive interactions.


Video-based Interactive Sessions

Boost engagement across the organization with the help of Video-based Interactive challenges. Your leaders can create and run business challenges within their connections to retain their learnings as well as to solve real-time business problems.


Structured Assessments

Measure the real-time progress of your leaders with assessments tailored to Individuals’ unique needs and circumstances. Help your team members stay on track toward their goals with a psychologically safe feedback setup.


Comprehensive E-Learning Content Library

Fuel your teams’ learning journey with the help of microlearning content from our E-Learning content library compiling resources from different platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Ted Talks, EdX, and YouTube.