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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Sales Coaching and Development

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A report from LLCBuddy suggests businesses with sales reps receiving more than two hours of coaching each week have a victory percentage of 56%.

Sales reps are constantly trying to close deals and meet targets, while managers are saddled with calls, meetings and the pressure of closing deals. Managers often find themselves short on time, leaving little room to adequately prepare and train their sales reps. Consequently, these reps struggle to perform at their best and miss out on reaching their full potential.

Let’s learn about the challenges of Robert Smith – a sales manager at a SaaS software company and how he struggled with his team’s performance, and see how AI can transform the performance of the sales reps. 

In the Hot Seat: Manager’s Job at Risk as Sales Team Struggles to Meet Targets 

A sales manager at a SaaS company that sells healthcare software, Robert James has a well-paying but demanding job. 

Robert’s team was struggling with prospecting. Once they meet a qualified prospect, their close rate is very robust. But despite making more than 50 cold-calls every day, sales reps are far behind the monthly target of 15 sales meetings.

Without these meetings, there won’t be qualified opportunities or closed sales. As a manager, Robert keeps asking for more sales meetings. Robert’s team was struggling to keep up with other sales teams, and the mounting pressure was taking a toll on him.

To help meet his team’s quota, Robert was scrambling and even trying to squeeze cycles to secure meetings himself. With this crazy schedule, Robert didn’t have time to think and identify why the reps were failing, and ultimately, train them. 

Contacting the HR didn’t help, as the eLearning content offered was focused on hard skills, rather soft-consultative sales skills that are required to run the sales cycle efficiently. 

Ineffective Sales Training and Its Impact on Business Growth

Robert discovers three crucial problems:

  1. As he is sales prospecting himself all the time, he doesn’t have the bandwidth to help his sales reps. 
  2. He didn’t have time to find the skill gaps, or guide the team to do self-assessments and find out why they are failing. 
  3. Even when some of them found the reasons for failure, standard eLearning content is not helping them unblock current challenges and objections they hear from the prospects. 

In summary, traditional sales training & eLearning content doesn’t move the needle for sales teams.


While hard skills matter, developing soft consultative skills is crucial for sales reps to overcome challenges, like effectively pitching the value propositions, poor listening skills to understand and overcome objections, and the inability to build trust with clients.

To make the matter worse, the coaching for the soft and leadership skills is usually available only to the top 15% of the organization. 

For Robert, the clock is ticking. Just a few weeks remaining in the quarter, the VP of sales is constantly on Robert’s neck about the lackluster performance of his team. 

Robert is not alone!

Sales managers are often under huge pressure to achieve targets, have busy calendars, and are unable to identify skill gaps and coach sales reps. 

The result? 

By not coaching and developing the middle 80% sales reps, businesses deal with poor sales performance and high attrition rates. Sales managers, like Robert, on the other hand, are laser focused on immediate targets, making up for their team’s lackluster performance and don’t have the time to coach and train sales reps.  

The existing eLearning solutions provided by HR are focused on hard skills training (example, how to use Excel, how to build PPT presentations etc.), which are not much of a help for sales organizations who need the coaching on the soft people and leadership skills. 

Robert’s Journey to Revolutionize Sales Training with AI-Powered Coaching and Development

Struggling for answers, Robert attends a webinar on AI-powered sales coaching from Numly, where he learns about soft skills coaching powered by AI.

Robert learns that AI-powered sales coaching can unlock tacit knowledge required for a sales rep to unblock their deals.

Numly’s AI-powered sales coaching platform offers assessments to identify skill gaps with bite-sized, micro learning content and sales coaching, to help sales reps and managers secure meetings and close deals.

Sales managers like Robert don’t have to find a lot of time to train their sales reps. The AI-powered Sales Coaching and Co-Pilot allows the sales rep to do this themselves without any fear of someone looking over their shoulder and start performing better. 

Unlocking Sales Success with Numly: Harnessing the Power of AI for Sales Performance

For sales managers such as Robert, Numly becomes the saving grace!

Numly is transforming sales coaching and development for mid-market companies by harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to build high-performing sales organizations. 

Imagine having a tool that identifies and develops crucial soft, consultative sales skills, delivering personalized assessments, micro-content, and coaching pathways, and connecting your team with experienced coaches instantly.

No more cookie-cutter training—Numly offers targeted development, bringing executive-level coaching to every sales rep.

Numly’s AI-powered Co-Pilot accelerates assessments to determine the ideal coaching plan for rapid upskilling. The dynamic approach of surveys and skill assessments ensures soft-skill training is available to 80% of the team. Additionally, Numly creates bite-sized micro-content using AI, providing quick access to the knowledge reps need to close deals effectively.

In a nutshell, managers like Robert can elevate the performance of their sales team without increasing their administrative burden.

Leverage Numly’s AI-Powered Sales Coaching to Empower Your Sales Teams!

Traditional sales training focused on hard skills doesn’t help managers like Robert or their sales reps.

Numly, with its AI-powered assessments, dynamic surveys, tailored micro-content, and comprehensive coaching network, offers a game-changing solution.

By equipping the entire sales team with critical soft skills, Numly transforms sales reps into high-performing assets. This enables managers to focus on strategic goals, achieve sales targets, and maximize their team’s potential.

Help your sales reps gain more confidence today, contact Numly TODAY!

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