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Numly™ Launches “Learn to Lead” – Leadership Program 2022

Numly™, Inc. Launches “Learn to Lead” – Its Inaugural Leadership Program 2022

By Numly

Numly™, Inc. Invites Senior Leaders to join its Inaugural Leadership Program, to Bring Out the Best in Your People with Manager-led Coaching & Career Pathing.

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, USA, February 24, 2022 / — Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are facing a huge “Talent Management” crisis today with the “Great Resignation”. In a single month in November 2021, the number of Americans in the private sector who quit their jobs hit a new all-time high of 3.4%—that’s a whopping 4.3 million—according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rapidly changing work environments have caused a lack of Critical Skills amongst employees. The pandemic has caused stress and burn-out and this hinders employees’ career development and growth.

The harsh truth is, as a Gallup study discovered, employees don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers. While leadership has always been a key ingredient in an organization’s success, it’s now even more critical in these times of the Great Resignation.

Do the people managers in your organization have the leadership skills to inspire, engage, and retain their team members? Is your company developing an inclusive culture?

Numly offers a systematic and data driven approach to behavioral and cultural change with its new “Learn to Lead” Leadership Program 2022. This inaugural, 8-week long free program, starting on March 21, 2022, invites Senior Leaders to take an assessment to gain a better understanding of their own skill strengths and gaps, get matched with fellow program participants to learn from each other, enjoy virtual live coaching sessions, and receive exclusive content that delivers expert guidance to help them develop and refine leadership skills.

“People Managers today are over-worked and stressed along with their teams in this new normal of Remote / Hybrid Work. As a result, they need help to develop key Leadership Skills that will enable them to Coach their teams and help in structured career pathing. When People Managers become Coaches, everyone in the organization wins.” says Madhukar Govindaraju, CEO of Numly. “When Leaders foster a Coaching Culture within their teams, employees will see a stronger sense of trust and belonging, and this is critical to stem the Great Resignation. Managers who become Coaches will fuel the Great Retention.”

About Numly

Numly™, Inc. is a leading provider of NumlyEngage™, an AI-driven, Peer Coaching platform for critical skills that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for corporate customers, especially in the new normal of hybrid work environment. Numly’s mission is to improve employee engagement and performance through Peer Coaching, Critical Skills Development, and People Connections. The NumlyEngage™ platform uses its AI-driven Propensity Scoring to automatically match coaches and learners, based on 360-degree evaluations of each employee per skill. The platform features built-in coaching programs, curated learning content, as well as integrations with third-party learning management systems, offering an experience for its customers. Learn more about Numly at

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