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Numly™, Inc. Releases its Second Annual 2022 HR Pulse Report - Employee Insights on Hybrid Work Culture, Employee Engagement and the Great Resignation in 2022.

Numly™ Releases its 2022 HR Pulse Report on Latest Trends for Hybrid Work, Employee Engagement and the Great Resignation

By Numly

Numly™, Inc. Releases its Second Annual 2022 HR Pulse Report – Employee Insights on Hybrid Work Culture, Employee Engagement and the Great Resignation in 2022.

BELLEVUE , WASHINGTON , USA, September 19, 2022 / — Numly conducted its Second Annual HR Pulse Survey recently to understand the challenges faced by hybrid teams and the most common trends that HR Leaders are facing this year in 2022. This report provides deep employee perspectives, measured and analyzed to provide actionable insights, for Organizations, across a wide range of industries and verticals.

The hybrid work model is here to stay! And what comes with it are the challenges of managing remote work, stemming the Great Resignation and tackling true employee engagement while ensuring organizational growth and productivity to the maximum. Numly conducted its second annual survey to gather insights from an employee perspective to be able to gauge the new “employee centric workplace” and derive trends useful for organizations.

Here are a few highlights from the Report:

  • Organizations are responding to employee needs for continuous professional development. 60% either plan to fund or have already funded initiatives for the same. New hire onboarding is another area that’s getting a lot attention.
  • Employees are leaving and monetary compensation isn’t the leading cause. Employees are expressing a need for a sense of belonging, work-life balance and career growth opportunities.
  • Manager-led Coaching has been a major focus for employee coaching across the organization; but managers spend only 2 hours or less per week on Coaching their teams compared to other activities on their work plate.

Even though many organizations understand conceptually the benefits of creating a Coaching practice and culture, within their teams, and how it impacts fostering a happier and psychologically safe work environment, only 1 in 10 organizations plan to invest in it. This demonstrates a strong disconnect in execution within HR L&D teams. Another big disconnect is that L&D Directors are more focused on “budgeted” Compliance L&D projects and do not feel empowered to initiate projects for arresting Attrition or improving Retention within their organizations.

The survey advocates the need for well-structured, contextually relevant, Coaching Programs that inspire growth and lets everyone thrive. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. A structured Coaching platform also needs to continuously measure, monitor, identify and predict with ML and Analytics, the Skill Gaps and ensure constant challenging and nurturing of employees, keeping them engaged and assuring their personal growth, within the organization.

Madhukar Govindaraju, Founder & CEO at Numly™, Inc. remarks – “The need to ‘de-woke’ is urgent and obligatory for all organizational leaders. The present day hybrid workforce is both People-Centric and Purpose-Oriented. Shifting from traditional compliance oriented activities to action-driven approaches is critical; and investing in a scalable Coaching Culture, is the only way to create a psychologically safe future for your teams. Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) need to be created, budgeted for, and strongly supported to implement these changes in an equitable way. Coaching is instrumental in helping employees proactively develop their power skills to meet their goals; thereby ensuring optimal performance and appropriate investments in addressing the skill gaps. The need to bring about this change is urgent and must be treated with an equal sense of urgency.”

The Numly 2022 HR Pulse Survey was conducted online this year. All participants responded to either a LinkedIn or an email invitation and answered questions using an online survey tool.

Download a free copy of Numly HR Pulse Survey Report 2022 here.

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