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FDBKPro Enterprise

Numly™ Unveils Fall 2019 Update of NumlyEngage™ Enterprise – A High-Potential Leadership Development Platform

By Numly


California-based Numly, Inc. is proud to unveil the Fall 2019 release of FDBKPro Enterprise, the world’s first high-potential leadership development platform, built on patent-pending machine intelligence technology.

FDBKPro Enterprise leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to help nurture and develop the next-generation of Leaders. The solution helps professionals define their mentoring journey maps by finding their algorithm for career growth and success.

With the Fall 2019 Update of FDBKPro Enterprise, Numly continues to drive innovation with new features such as Rich ML/AI Analytics and Global Talent Dashboards. The latest updates will provide enterprises with granular visibility into their teams’ Leadership and other core behavioral skills across the entire company or in selected functional organizations. FDBKPro’s inbuilt AI-nudges will guide them towards aligning the Leadership Development programs to the key skills that matter.

FDBKPro Enterprise aims to redefine the future of work by creating a culture of inclusion and care. The platform helps global companies nurture future leaders by capturing and analyzing team data based on 16 Personality Factor Assessments and actionable mentor feedback. It delivers AI-nudges and coaching recommendations based on the data captured, tailored to the needs of high potential talent within the company. The platform will help top talent professionals nurture their core behavioral skills and accelerate their career growth, by developing long-term relationships with their peers and mentors.

“With low productivity and high attrition rates plaguing companies globally, improving employee engagement and support has become a top priority for enterprises. FDBKPro Enterprise, targeted at Women leaders, Millennial and Generation-Z professionals, aims to build a caring and inclusive feedback culture. It drives trust within teams resulting in better engagement, retention and productivity” says Madhukar Govindaraju, Founder and CEO of Numly.

Rajdeep Bose, Co-Founder of CBNITS, Inc., San Jose, USA, says, “When we introduced FDBKPro platform to our employees, we were looking for a solution that could really help our teams focus on their key competencies and skills needed to become leaders. FDBKPro has helped CBNITS develop a richer and positive workplace by making inclusive feedback culture the norm. In retrospect, we also see better corporate communication, which has helped in business growth as well.”

Radha Giri, CEO of Midas Touch Consultants, India says “Our workforce is spread across 3 countries and 10 cities. Keeping the motivation high amongst resources working digitally has always been a challenge. FDBKPro Enterprise helped us develop a dynamic culture at Midas Touch by engaging remote employees, encouraging peer mentoring and helping each other to transform their career growth and bring everyone closer.”

FDBKPro Enterprise’s machine learning models will nurture the next generation of leaders by improving perception of their strengths and weaknesses and their interactions with others at work. The platform will help companies build a positive workplace, minimize ‘Brain Drain’ and improve collaboration within teams and company mentors. FDBKPro is available for a free trial at or you can download the app from App Store / Play Store.

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