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7 Sales Coaching Tips to Build Winning Sales Teams

By Numly - Leadership Coaching Group
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Being a boss and being a coach are two different things. While with experience everybody gets to a point in their career where they lead a team, however big or small, being a coach takes a lot more. 

Sales coaching is a behavior rather than a task to help the team self-assess their strengths and find ways to solve their problems on their own. This approach is imperative to training and building winning sales teams. There are many steps that you can take in building such a team. But we have handpicked some of the most impactful coaching tips that will yield the best results. 

  • Ask the right questions

While hosting a meeting, sales leaders/ coaches should ask questions that raise curiosity in the team’s minds. Ask them about the latest market trends. Allow them time to research. Ask them about their latest milestone and how they achieve it. As a sales coach, your question will impact the team’s way of thinking. You are already aware of your goal. Ask your team about their goals and how they plan to achieve them. Re-examine each person’s goal and ask counter questions on their roadmap. With an intriguing attitude as a coach, you can better understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Invest in your rep’s professional development

Investing in your team is the best investment and is pervasive. As a coach, you should guide your team to gain more professionalism. You can help your team upgrade with the help of some well-defined online courses and learning material. You can also update yourself by listening to Podcasts, and TED Talks, reading business magazines and enrolling in some courses. Professional development helps a coach to become a better guide to the team and gives the coach ideas of how to give better direction to the sales team. With upscaling, your team will surely be able to effectively analyze situations and present a better sales pitch. It will boost your reps’ capabilities to deliver beyond expectations. 

  • Prioritize your rep’s well-being

Prioritizing your rep’s well-being is important as a coach as you set the benchmark for your sales team. Help them strike a greater work-life balance and allow them opportunities to pursue hobbies and career-building activities. If you do not prioritize your sales rep’s well-being, the sales pipeline and the teammates’ performance will always be an issue. Do not forget to create some boundaries for your team, such as clear working hours and attainable milestones. 

  • Help your reps realize their strengths

Some members learn with realization. As a coach, you should regularly check your team’s performance track and records. With the help of these records, you can help your team members realize where they are lagging or what new approaches they could try. 

There will be times when the team performance will not meet the expectations or feels demotivated. In such situations, you must step up and make them believe in their capabilities. You can also schedule shadowing sessions with them and contribute to motivating them. 

  • Be vocal

As the coach, you should not sit around and look at what is happening in the organization. A reticent coach is just like a pitfall that is invisible from a distance. It will do more harm than good. As a good sales coach, you must set milestones for your team. Be more specific and vocal while you explain the milestones. Do not forget to explain the importance of achieving them. While having team meetings share the overall team’s performance and point out the mates that significantly contributed to the specific project.

  • Let your reps carve their own path

As a coach, it is good to help out your teammates. But it is highly recommended to not spoon-feed them every step of the way. To make a winning sales team, you need to give independence to the teammates in solving their problems. As a coach, you can always overview the process, but it should be the reps themselves to identify ways to maximize their potential. 

  • Don’t hold back from getting external help

Knowledge is unlimited. To make the best team and become the best coach, you should always seek some extra knowledge. Do not hesitate to gain some knowledge from external sources. 

External help can be someone from a different department or a third party that offers upscaling courses. Learning how to enhance team productivity and derive more value from the team is vital to sustaining in the market. It should be the primary focus for a sales coach to learn. 

Wrapping it up!

A sales team wins when the coach guides them correctly. With the help of the right practices, a sales coach can learn a lot about building a strong sales team. As a sales coach, you should have leadership communication skills, a problem-solving attitude, and self-management. 

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