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Is Data Driving Your Enterprise Mentoring Programs?

By Numly - Leadership Coaching Group
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In today’s competitive business world, enterprise mentoring programs are enabling organizations to engage employees, develop their capabilities (and careers), and bring them to a level where they can make an impact.

Since an array of skills and capabilities are inherent in employees, it is important they are identified and enriched from the beginning of their corporate journey. However, organizations often struggle to drive value from enterprise mentoring because they do not make data analysis an integral part of their programs. They fail to realize the power of data and analytics in streamlining and elevating their mentorship programs. With poor mentoring leading to low morale, trust, confidence and eventually productivity, it’s time to drive change through data!

The importance of data

Most leaders and HR professionals know the value that mentoring can bring to employees and their organization as a whole. Enterprise mentoring program are expected to demonstrate real value and impact. If they fail to do so, they serve no purpose and are a waste of time and money. One of the main reasons why mentorship programs fail is because they fail to build them on the foundation of data.

If leaders are not able to co−relate activity to impact, mentoring programs fail to meet their objectives, and will quickly be discarded − long before their true value becomes visible. That’s why it is important for the right KPIs to be built into the program plan from the beginning, that can be continuously tracked, measured, and optimized.

Whether through surveys, performance reviews, or the impact on productivity, data is vital to the advancement and scalability of any enterprise mentoring program. Leaders can validate the promises of their mentoring programs through higher promotion and retention rates, and drive higher engagement and satisfaction.

How data can drive value

Although mentoring programs are built with good intentions, not all succeed.

But when designed, implemented, and integrated with data, they can provide employees with great development and learning opportunities that strengthen the organization.

Here’s how data can drive value for your enterprise mentoring programs:

  • For starters, data allows business leaders to quickly and accurately match mentors and mentees based on predetermined criteria such as experience, skills, interests, location, and more.
  • Advanced machine learning and AI analytics can offer in-depth reports on behavioral skills for all employees registered with mentoring programs.
  • Personality Factor Assessments can analyze employee capabilities and help them identify their potential, suitability, and areas that need development.
  • Mentors can receive a ready list of very specific attributes, behaviors, and functional expertise that need improvement.
  • Mentors can identify and nurture high−potential talent, building trusted and long−term relationships with them and ensure they make an impact.
  • Leaders can get real−time engagement overviews that can help them gauge if the mentoring programs are helping the organization achieve its goals.
  • Mentors and mentees can assess their situation with respect to their expectations related to mentoring programs, and the efforts they need to take to stay on track.
  • Data on mentor interactions can help organizations provide contextual nudges in the programs to help their employees get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Re−define the future of work

There’s a lot you can achieve if you put data at the foundation of your enterprise mentoring programs. With actionable insights derived from data, you can enhance communication, increase trust and confidence, demonstrate the ROI of your mentoring investment, as well as improve employee productivity and organizational performance.

It is with data that you can ensure every employee is having the best possible mentoring experience and re−define the future of work.

Are you ready to make your enterprise mentoring programs more data-driven? Try NumlyEngage™ Enterprise, the world’s first data analytics and AI−driven Enterprise Mentoring Platform to help you develop your high-potential employees.

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