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The Key Characteristics of a Connected Leader

By Numly - Leadership Coaching Group
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A lot has been written about the qualities that make a great manager. But in today’s evolving world of work, it is important to constantly reevaluate these parameters if one wants to be a great leader. The workforce is picky, and it seeks out managers who can look out for the team above and beyond the regular duties at work.

There was a critical need to comprehend the shortcomings in the current leadership approach when 83% of the Gen Z workforce expressed a willingness to change jobs for a better, more compassionate workplace

The connected leadership style might hold the key to the solution.

So, what does it actually mean, and how does it manifest itself in the workplace?

A connected leader is a coach rather than a superior who connects with their team members on many different levels. These leaders value a close bond with their teams and take a humanistic approach to deal with subordinates and stakeholders. In order to achieve a great outcome, connected leadership focuses on understanding the psychology of the team members and assisting each and every one of them to thrive.

Key Characteristics of a Connected Leader

Connected leaders possess all or the majority of the traits listed below. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Top-notch communication

Without communication, a leader cannot effectively lead. Every third person out of four believes that effective communication is the top attribute they look for in a great leader. 

A connected leader must have a solid understanding of all forms of communication, whether they are vertical, horizontal, top-to-bottom, written, verbal, professional, or personal. The basis of a connection can be formed through communication, and a leader is regarded as effective only if they can deliver their ideas both within the team and outside of it. Therefore, one of the top and most essential traits of any leader who practices connected leadership is having excellent communication skills.

Decision-making abilities

Decision-making skills are assumed to exist in an effective leader, but leaders frequently lack this fundamental skill which is a crucial component of being a connected leader. A connected leader would have the great ability to discover and consider all potential outcomes while still making wise decisions. Connected leaders have the capacity to make sound decisions and manage the outcomes without straying from their overarching objectives. 

Humble and inclusive

Over 75% of job seekers look for a diverse and inclusive workforce when comparing employers and job offers. Gen Z and Millennials make up the majority of the workforce today, and Gen Z is widely regarded as the most diverse generation to date. Organizations must recognize the value of inclusivity in order to meet their needs and preferences at the workplace. Connected leaders are humble and welcoming, free of any form of prejudice or racism. These leaders are the best for managing the workforce of today.

Team players and trustworthy

Connected leaders can strengthen their team-building responsibilities within the company and enjoy good relationships with their teams. The team and the leader develop a strong bond and level of trust thanks to this kind of relationship. More than 60% of workers and leaders think that teams are developed gradually and trust must be earned. To achieve the best results for the team and lower absenteeism, it is crucial to possess the qualities of being trustworthy and a team player. Trustworthy leaders are distinctive and ideal-connected because they have cultivated these crucial traits through their morals and ethics at work.


Being connected to the team is essential to connected leadership because it ensures that the leader has an authentic personality and a real face at work. Without failing or disappointing the team, authentic leader will display their vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and other similar emotions depending on the situation. Such genuine personalities are adored by coworkers and other stakeholders as well because they promote teamwork and a sense of trust. One excellent trait or essential quality of a connected leader is their acceptance of being vulnerable and authentic.

Empower others effortlessly

A great quality of a connected leader is the capacity to develop oneself while empowering others. Knowing the team members personally and connecting their shortcomings to these causes and pursuits can look like empowering others. A connected leader is involved with their team on various levels, comprehending their characteristics and assisting them in maximizing their individual strengths to achieve the best results. 

According to a scientific investigation, empowerment can be accomplished through proactive problem-solving techniques, behavior modification strategies, and other means. All of these traits are essential components of a connected leader, which produces better outcomes and strong team morale.

Change is their only constant

An authentic leader will never feel at ease with repetition. For connected leaders, change is the only constant, which enables them to develop alongside their teams. A leader who promotes a culture of learning and assists the team in adapting to the changing demands of the business and organization benefits the team by being aware of these changes on their own. Vision is a crucial quality associated with change; a connected leader is going to be able to paint a picture of the future for the team. To become a connected leader, they must have a clear end goal in mind when creating the strategic roadmap for the team to follow.

Organizations need to be very certain about how they are empowering their leaders for the future workforce as the workforce’s characteristics are changing and the job market is expanding quickly. At Numly, we have a 60-day pilot program that is tailored specifically for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. Get in touch with us to learn how to help your people managers develop their leadership abilities and become connected leaders.

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