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Numly + CBNITS: Leveraging AI to Build an Engaged Enterprise with a Culture of Belonging for its Global / WFH Teams

Numly + CBNITS: Leveraging AI to Build an Engaged Enterprise with a Culture of Belonging for its Global / WFH Teams
Executive Summary

CBNITS is structured to offer organizations the best ERP Solutions. Their software tools are designed to help companies manage, measure, and develop their business with seamless IT services. Their Lightning-fast technical support is delivered by a balanced team of talented professionals with international industry exposure & high-level expertise in Intel, McAfee, VMware, Qlogic. Qualified full-stack developers, AI/ML & IoT engineers, Blockchain & Big Data experts skilled with Java, Python, ReactJS, AngularJS, PHP, NodeJS make up CBNITS expert teams.

With their global teams located at different parts of the world, CBNITS was looking for a way to systematically engage its workforce and introduce a culture of internal coaching and skills development for its employees, in order to negate the inevitable silos team performances.

CBNITS has incorporated NumlyEngageTM into its employee assessment structure to give its employee base the push it needed to start engaging with peers and colleagues across geographical and hierarchical boundaries with the aim of professional and personal growth.

Customer Challenge

Having been in the industry for a couple of years now, CBNITS has successfully worked with hundreds of clients globally. The company has acquired the know-how to support the customer in the development of complex IT projects. But with an expanding line of projects, CBNITS also saw a fast expansion of workforce, with different teams handling different fucntions such as ERP Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Python & Java Developers, React & Angular Developers, Software Maintenance & Support Services.

This led to disengagement between different teams and there were reports of team members working in silos, leading to lack of open communication, less interaction between employees and managers and overall distancing between global teams.

Numly™’s mission is to improve employee performance and employee engagement through the development of Soft and Growth Skills.

NumlyEngage™ is an AI-enhanced, people net-working and coaching platform that enables organizations to take a structured approach to soft skills development.

With a 16 Personality Factor assessment and an Ignite survey to jumpstart employee engagement, as well as dozens of built-in Engagement Programs to guide users through a comprehensive database of 185+ soft skills, NumlyEngage™ makes it easy for companies to identify and retain top talent, grow the next generation of leaders, drive productivity, and effectively compete in the Future of Work.


At Numly™, we needed to develop our AI-enabled NumlyEngage™ application on a cloud platform, that was both Highly Available and Secure, but also supported a Serverless Architecture model. Amazon’s AWS provided all the necessary infrastructure support for Numly’s core services on a scalable serverless architecture. Today all critical compute and data services needed by NumlyEngage™ – Amazon S3, Aurora MySQL RDS, API Gateway, Lambda Service, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Cognito, AWS SNS, SageMaker, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Code Pipelines, etc. are all enterprise class, and make it very easy for Numly™ to develop a fully secure, robust and enterprise ready solution for our customers.

Our enterprise customers also require the highest level of Data security and Compliance – HIPAA, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and PCI DSS Compliance today; FEDRAMP Compliance in the future. Amazon’s AWS gives us this capability for our global customers. Additionally, the AWS platform is designed to work in the Government Cloud with FIPS mode enabled. Numly™ has already taken strong steps to be SOX Compliant and is continuously innovating on the AWS cloud with scalable machine learning data pipelines.

Why Did CBNITS Choose NumlyTM?
NumlyEngage Solution

NumlyEngage’s in-built player-coach gamification helped CBNITS define the best teams of Jedi and Coaches to promote consistent and fruitful interactive sessions, where not only were its employees engaged, but they also were also to work on developing crucial corporate communication skills that helped improved their personal productivity at work as well.

Results and Benefits

Using NumlyEngage, CBNITS was able to improve the engagement scores for its teams by 60% and even improve the leadership skills ratings for its high potential candidates by 50%.